Discussing Borders project at the Finnish Institute, London

Thank you to the Finnish Institute for organising an online streamed discussion with myself,  Lou Gilbert Scott, Curator, and Head of programme at Frame Visual Art Taru Elving, and Kaisa Keratar regarding Lou's and my Borders research journey in Lapland.

Study week at Wysing Arts Centre

“I’ve seen you ill with boredom,” wrote stream-of-consciousness pioneer Dorothy Richardson in Revolving Lights (1923). ‘You always think people’s minds are blank when they are silent. It’s just the other way around.” Richardson argued that everything in life, particularly relationships, was best judged by the quality of in-between silences. Silence inflates to contain even the smallest gesture; the supposedly passive and fixed ear moves outward, a gathering in; the projectile of sound is reversed, becoming receptive.

I was one of 8 artists selected to take part in a 4 day study with musician/ composer /writer David Toop at Wysing Arts Centre last week.  

Meeting with Finnish Institute in London...

....coming up to discuss outcomes of Artists International Development Award with Lou Gilbert Scott. Hoping to continue conversations with Sami artists and Lapland Arts organisations.

 Work in progress on series of 'clay conversation' Arctic photographs

Work in progress on series of 'clay conversation' Arctic photographs