Digging ice

Digging alternative ice core from the surface of a glacier. Thanks to the help of BAS, the 90kg block of ice the ice piggy backed to the UK amongst the scientific cores. Unlike the scientific ice cores, which from the outset have a predetermined course and data gathering objective, bringing this ice back poses many questions about the role of sentiment, subjectivity and emotional attachment to the Antarctic environment, particularly if our only experience of it is through the interface of film and photography.

Freezer in Rothera

My Ice in Rothera research station freezer awaiting transport back to Cambridge.


Ice in situ in Royal Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, Piccadilly. Arts Catalyst commission part of ‘Bipolar’. The ice was acoustically wired up and the sound of ancient gas bubbles as they erupted into the room magnified, creating loud and interruptive belches into the London night.

Plastic packing at the base

Plastic - an accessible entry into understanding the human interface of the Science base Rothera.