'Deadmother', 2012-2014

'The Conversation', one of the projects moving image outcomes longlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2016.

'Deadmother' was shown at  Danielle Arnaud Contemporary Art, London

20 June - 6 July 2014

The exhibition will tour to the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, Autumn 2014, Screening Wednesday October 1st 2014.

'Dead Mother' is about living. It attempts to make visible a hidden absence. It is about women who are successfully living their lives, invisibly accommodating the continuing space of their mother’s death at a crucial period of their neurological development. No one asks about the nature of the absence and the effect it has. It remains hidden to all but those closest. 

While there is a substantial body of research concerned with acute presentations of childhood and young adult bereavement, little is known about the nature of the long-term effects of loss and its affective consequences on those who do not present with obvious serious psychiatric problems. 

'Dead Mother' is a series of pertinent film and photographic outcomes based upon women at different stages in their lives, looking at the long terms effects of a mother’s death in adolescence. 

Project Credits:
Artist: Anne Brodie
Producer: Elizabeth Newell
Collaborator: G.P Catriona Brodie
Scientific consultants:
Neuro-scientist Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore
Neuro-psychologist Professor Martin Conway
Psychoanalyst Dr Michael Parsons
Ethics Advisor Professor Roger Higgs
Advisor: Dr Caterina Albano

Funders: Arts Council EnglandThe Wellcome Trust
Project partner: Cruse Bereavement Care

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Dead Mother
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Anne Brodie, 'Dead Mother', 2014 & installation views at Danielle Arnaud Gallery, London

2 minute short version of 'Something that goes with me'.