Anne Brodie in discussion with Caterino Albano and Catriona Brodie

Anne Brodie  'Something that goes with me'  2014  video

On the occasion of her exhibition Dead Mother, artist Anne Brodie will be in conversation with her sister G.P. Dr Catriona Brodie and Curator, Writer and Central Saint Martins Research Fellow Dr Caterina Albano.

Since 1984 Catriona Brodie has trained and worked as a GP in South East London. In addition to her general practice she has been a doctor to young people in periods of transition whilst a Forensic Physician to the Metropolitan Police and whilst a Medical Officer at Goldsmiths College. She has an embryonic interest in teaching the recognition of distress and the opportunities for intervention in this population.

Caterina Albano is a senior research fellow and curator at Central Saint Martin’s College, University of the Arts London. Albano curates, lectures and publishes in the fields of art, cultural history and theory, in particular emotion and affect, memory and consciousness; and on the theory of curating. She is the author of Fear and Art in the Contemporary World (Reaktion Books, 2012) and she is currently working on a project on affect, memory and art (Palgrave MacMillan).

Successful Arts Council funding for 'Dead mother'

Dead Mother was initiated by Anne and Catriona Brodie. It aims to make concrete the hidden and ill-defined nature of the long-term effects of early bereavement.

Focusing on maternal loss in female adolescents now in later stages of their lives, film and photographs will attempt to make visible the efforts involved in successfully accommodating the absence of a mother over the duration of a lifetime, the 'imprint of absence'.

The first of the film outcomes will be shown at Danielle Arnaud contemporary art 20 June - 6 July 2014

Dead mother received R&D funding from the Wellcome trust in 2012.

Produced by Elizabeth Newell.

'What is the space?'

Exhibiting at Penisula Arts Gallery

'deadbee' C type print. 1 of 3 photographs showing at Penisula Arts.

Apiculture: Bees and the Art of Pollination 12 April - 31 May, Plymouth University.

An exhibition re-evaluating our ancient relationship to, and reliance upon pollinating insects through the eyes of ten contemporary artists -

Anne Brodie, Susan Derges, Tessa Farmer, Alec Finlay, Cath Keay, Rob Kesseler, Amy Shelton, Thomas Thwaites, Marcus Vergette and Bill Woodrow.

Produced in association with Honeyscribe a project by Amy Shelton.

Talking tonight at Winter Shuffle Festival

Shuffle Festival is happening at St Clement's Hospital, located at 2A Bow rd, Mile End E3 LIVING IN ANTARCTICA

John Denham building 6.30-8pm

Chronobiologist Professor Jo Arendt and artist Anne Brodie discuss their respective experiences of living in the world’s least hospitable climate.