Vain Kaksi Kalla (only 2 fish) ice fishing competition comes to town

This competition is held yearly at Lake Kilpisjärvi and there are big prizes at stake. During the 1998 ice-fishing competition, two participants brought two large burbot (Lota lota (L.)) to the officials for weighing. These two burbot were much larger than the rest of the fish caught. The origin of these two burbot was questioned and subsequently studied by comparing their age-specific size, stomach contents and parasite fauna with those of the smaller burbot caught during the competition. Both the age-specific lengths and weights of the suspected burbot were higher than those of the smaller burbot, and the stomach analysis revealed that the large burbot had eaten roach (Rutilus rutilus (L.)), which are not found in Lake Kilpisjärvi. Moreover, the parasite fauna in these two burbot was not typical of the lake. It was therefore concluded that the suspect burbot could not have been caught in Lake Kilpisjärvi, and the contestants were disqualified.