Anne Brodie & Yael Rosenblut - The Visitors

'Sandy' installed in the Ice house. Photo Ruth McDougall

The Ice House, Helmsdale's monumental deep freeze. Once a store for salmon catch, later a coal fired fish and chip shop. TimeSpan's artist in residence and youth arts curator Ruth Macdougall has commissioned Chilean video artist Yael Rosenblut and myself to research and respond to the Ice House. The resulting work will constitute a double sited installation inside the ice house and in Timespan Galleryfrom 4July to 2nd Aug 2009. Read Scottish Art critic  Giles Sutherland's review of the exhibition.

'archive1' fingernails and bone
'archive2' lightbox and paper print detail
'Smokehouse' video still1
'Smokehouse' video still2
'Smokehouse' video still3
'paper projection'