Showing with the Verbeke foundation 'Polar expeditions' Belgium 16 Jan 10 - 15 May 2010


16.01.2010 - 15.05.2010 vernissage: 16.01.2010, 18.00 curators: Geert Verbeke, Simon Delobel

The Verbeke Foundation organises an exhibition on actual and fictitious polar expeditions from Januari 16th 2010 to May 15th 2010.

The exhibition also probes for the motives of artists who head for the North and South Poles: out of a fascination for the unknown, a desire to exploit new terrains for their art, an ecological conviction or a romantic sense of adventure?

The historic archives of the Belgian South Pole expeditions which were organised during the 1950’s to perform scientific experiments on terrestrial magnetism form the basis of the exposition. These archives will be used by Belgian artists to realize new installations. In this manner the exposition fits in with one of the recurrent themes of the Verbeke Foundation: the relation between art and science.

Artists: Waldo Bien (NL) Phil Bloom (NL) Anne Brodie (UK) Caroline Coolen (B) Diego Franssens (B) Valery Grancher (F) Roel Jacobs (B) Tom Liekens (B) London Fieldworks (Bruce Gilchrist & Jo Joelson) (UK) Didier Mahieu en Zoubeir Ben Hmouda(B) Raphael Opstaele (B) Andrea Polli (US) Catherine Rannou (F) Johan Terryn (B) Nathalie Talec (F) Laurent Tixador (F) Edwig Van Cauteren (B) Jason van der Woude (NL), Tom Staes (B) en Bart Dirix (B) Didier Volckaert (B)

Parallel projects: Geoffrey De Beer (B) Michèle Matyn (B) Philippe Samyn (B) Martin uit den Bogaard (NL) Koen Vanmechelen (B) Niko Van Stichel (B)