Arts Catalyst commission at the Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House

The following images are of an installation made on Friday 20 June inside Burlington House, Piccadilly, to coincide with the book launch of 'Bipolar'. I took one of the lumps of ice I brought back from Antarctica out of its lodgings inside the British Antarctic Surveys freezer in Cambridge and let it not so gently melt over the course of the evening. It was acoustically wired up by sound engineers Lee Patterson and Mark Hornsby, and produced uncomfortably loud interruptions as the ancient air kept locked under pressure by the ice belched into the London air. I intend to reuse the meltwater in another project I'm working on. The cabinet was recycled from an exhibition held in the British museum.

Silver Galleries V&A Installation

Walking into the silver galleries at the V&A after being asked to take part in the Friday Late series, took me straight back on board the ship to Antarctica… too much, too beautiful, too impossibly bright and shiny. It stopped me from looking. There could only be one possible response. Sometimes by taking something away do we only truly see it.There is also more to the silver galleries than the silver, I wondered when the last time someone walking through here looked up at the paintings and ceiling above the cabinets?