'Exploring the Invisible' included in new Bio Design book


Just published 'Bio Design - Nature, Science, Creativity', Edited and text by William Myers. foreword by Paola Antonelli, The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Published by Thames and Hudson. 'Exploring the Invisible' my collaborative Wellcome trust funded project with Dr Simon Park and and Dr Caterina Albano, using bacterial bioluminescence, is one of the projects included. For more details about the project go to www.bioproject.tumblr.com

Bio Design surveys recent design and art projects that harness living materials and processes, presenting bio-integrated approaches to achieving sustainability, innovations enabled by biotechnology, and provocative experiments that deliberately illustrate the dangers and opportunities in manipulating life for human ends. As the first publication to focus on this new phenomenon and closely examine how it fits into the history of architecture, art and industrial design, this volume surveys this shift and contextualizes it through comparisons to previous historic transitions in art and design practices, clarifying its implications for the future.